Welcome to Source of Guidance

What would it be like if children knew that they could transform any challenge from negative to positive by changing their thoughts, words, and beliefs. Source of Guidance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide mindful, positive and life-affirming resources to help children and their families better respond to life’s challenges including those facing crisis and serious illness. Read More >>

Be Well Program

When a child is ill or needs surgery, they can become anxious and fearful. When they are admitted to the unfamiliar surroundings of a hospital, the stress facing the child and their family can feel overwhelming. Source of Guidance has created a multi-faceted program to be used by hospitals to alleviate that fear and stress for children during hospital stays. Read More >>

Hado Bear

Hado Bear is a big cuddly stuffed polar bear with an even bigger heart. He is the delightful and accessible guide Kathleen has created to help both children and parents face life’s challenges with life-affirming wisdom. Read More >>