Kathleen Caputo
Founder & CEO

Kathleen Caputo is an ordained interfaith minister who focuses on providing positive and life affirming resources to children of all cultures and backgrounds. Following a 30-year career as a business executive, she founded Source of Guidance, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families to have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives and to better respond to life’s challenges.

She is also the author of Hado Bear’s Secret, the first in a series of books she is authoring to teach both children and adults that their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words have the power to change their life energy (Hado) and transform their experiences from negative to positive.

Kathleen received her Ministerial Credentials from Emerson Theological Institute. She is a Staff Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island, and has led more than 100 programs for children. She also has certifications as a Stress Management Consultant, Clinical Hypnotist, Hado Instructor, and Therapeutic Touch Teacher.

During the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks in September 2001, she provided stress management bodywork at the Family Assistance Center serving first responders and victim family members. She has also created personalized guided imagery meditations for cancer patients, and taught workshops on creativity and guided imagery for the New York City School System, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and City University of New York.

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Kathleen Caputo
Founder & CEO
Source of Guidance, Inc.

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